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Returning The Trailer

1. REMOVE: All your personal items from all exterior and interior compartments. Any items left behind will be put in the Neff Brothers RV Lost and Found for 30 days. After 30 days, items will be discarded.

2. REMOVE: All food items from the refrigerator and wipe out stains and spills. Food items left behind will be discarded immediately by Neff Brothers RV.

3. REMOVE: All garbage and any garbage bags.

4. The $125 prep fee includes pre- and post-cleaning (interior and exterior), walk-thru tutorial, set-up tutorial in hooking up your personal vehicle to the rented Vehicle, four-pack of toilet paper and chemicals, holding tanks being dumped, water refill and the service of refilling the propane.

5. The Propane tanks are not required to be refilled before drop-off during the months of May through September. During all other months, unless specified on your rental contract, LPG is billed at $35 per rental. The LPG is to be used solely for the purpose of the RV’s appliances. If there evidence you have used it for other purposes, there will be a post-rental $35 charge.

6. Make sure to have one of our staff members personally check you in upon return. Stay with the staff member throughout the check-in process.

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Neff Brothers was a great experience. I will use you again.

Marty Ziehm
Las Vegas, NV

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