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Motor Home Terms


These conditions outline your responsibilities relating to the motorized vehicle and limits arid waives your rights in some circumstances. It is important for your own protection that you read and understand these conditions. These conditions form a part of the Rental Agreement between you and Neff Brothers RV.

  1. Compliance with Laws.While the vehicle is in the Guest’s possession, or is rented to the Guest under this agreement, the Guest shall comply with all the laws and regulations that govern {a} the driving, parking, storage and transportation of the vehicle, or {b} the movement of the Vehicle, or any person or thing that is being transported in the Vehicle across any national, provincial, state or jurisdictional border.
  2. Insurance.

Loss of or Damage to RV/Physical Damage Waiver (PDW)

If RV is lost or damaged while on rental, whether or not due to renter’s fault, renter shall pay Neff Brother’s RV on demand the amount of such loss or damage at prevailing rental price plus Neff Brother’s RV related expenses, including loss of use, except as follows: THEFT. If RV is used in accordance with all terms and conditions of this agreement, renter is not responsible for theft of RV unless it is left unattended without all doors locked, windows locked and keys removed. PHYSICAL DAMAGE. If RV is used in accordance with all terms and conditions of the agreement, renter’s responsibility for loss of or damage to RV arising from collision or rollover or losses normally considered “comprehensive” losses, is determined as follows: (1) If renter declines the Physical Damage Waiver at the time of rental, renter’s responsibility is limited to maximum amount set forth on that form. (2) If renter accepts Physical Damage Waiver at time of rental by signing the appropriate form, renter’s responsibility is further reduced to $1000 or $1500, pending the incident. Physical Damage Waiver is Neff Brothers RV waiver of renter’s responsibility, it is not insurance. If RV is used by persons other than renter or any approved additional driver, or is used by the renter or anyone else in violation of this agreement, renter shall be responsible to Neff Brothers RV for all loss of or damage to RV up to its full value plus any incidental related costs incurred, whether or not renter has accepted Physical Damage Waiver.

Third Party Liability Protection

Liability issues will be claimed under the renter’s auto insurance carrier. Neff Brothers RV liability coverage is secondary to the renter’s liability insurance. Anyone authorized by this agreement to drive this RV is covered by an automobile insurance policy against liability to third parties only (not including, to extent permitted by law, any of such drivers family members related by blood, marriage or adoption residing in their household), for bodily injury, death or property damage caused by or arising from use or operation of RV as permitted by this agreement. The amount of coverage provided under the agreement is equal to the minimum financial responsibility limits established by the Financial Responsibility law or other applicable status (“Statutory Limits”) of the state or other jurisdiction in which RV was rented. Protection here under shall automatically conform to basic requirements of any mandatory “No Fault” law which may be applicable, but does not include “Uninsured Motorist, ”Underinsured Motorist” or supplementary “No Fault” or other optional protection; and Neff Brothers RV and renter hereby reject, to extent permitted by law, inclusion of any such protection. In the event that coverage is imposed, by operation of law, for benefit of any person other than renter, then limits of such coverage shall be Statutory Limits of state or other jurisdiction in which accident occurred. Neff Brothers RV warrants to the extent permitted by law liability protection described in this paragraph is secondary with respect to any insurance available to renter. Renter and additional renter(s) hereby indemnify and hold Neff Brothers RV, its agents and employees harmless from and against all loss, liability and expenses whatsoever, as a result of bodily injury, death or property damage caused by, or arising from use or operation of RV. Protection is VOID in Alaska and Mexico. If renter does not report accident to rental company within 24 hours of occurrence, liability insurance coverage described in this paragraph is VOID and Neff Brothers RV provides no liability insurance to renter under this agreement.

NOTE: The Guest agrees to assume personal liability for injury to persons and damage to property where the Vehicle is driven in a Prohibited Travel Area (see clause 11) without Neff Brothers RV’s prior written approval or is used in a manner not permitted by clause 10. The Guest may also commit a criminal offense by driving without insurance.

  1. Guest’s and Others’ Property. The Guest acknowledges that the vehicle does not constitute a secure or appropriate place and is not equipped for the transport or storage of valuable items. The Guest agrees to have and maintain in force for so long as the Vehicle is in the Guest’s possession, the Guest’s own insurance against loss of or damage to any property of the Guest (or of any person whose property is in or on the Vehicle with the Guest’s express or implied consent) that is in or on the Vehicle, and to rely on such insurance, and not on any rights against Neff Brothers RV in order to obtain compensation for any loss of or damage to any such property. Neff Brothers RV shall not be liable for loss or damage to any property of the guest (or of any other person whose property is in or on the Vehicle with the Guest’s express or implied consent) trait is in or on the Vehicle either before or after its return to Neff Brothers RV, whether or not such loss or damage arises from, or is contributed to by, the negligence of Neff Brothers RV or its agents, servants, or employees. The Guest shall assume all risk of such loss or damage, waives all claims therefore against Neff Brothers RV and shall defend, indemnify and hold Neff Brothers RV harmless from all claims arising out of such loss or damage.
  2. Safeguard Vehicle. The Guest will take all reasonable measures to safeguard the Vehicle against theft and damage. The Guest shall read and observe all operating instructions and precautions that are posted in or on the Vehicle or supplied to the Guest by Neff Brothers RV. Loss of, or damage to any key fob that makes it inoperable, will result in a $300 charge back to the Guest upon drop-off.
  3. Maintenance.The Guest is responsible while the Vehicle is in the Guest’s possession for ensuring that the Vehicle is prudently operated and maintained and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for ensuring that oil, fluid and coolant levels in the Vehicle’s engine, braking, steering and other mechanical and hydraulic systems are maintained at recommended levels. The Guest shall be responsible for the cost of mechanical repairs resulting from the Guest’s failure to fulfill these responsibilities.
  4. Repairs.The Guest may proceed with and Neff Brothers RV shall reimburse the Guest for the cost of {a} repairs and replacements to the vehicle amounting to less than $100.00, {b} repairs to the Vehicle authorized by Neff Brothers RV, and {c} maintaining the Vehicle’s oil, fluid and coolant levels. Reimbursement by Neff Brothers RV shall be made upon the Guest’s presentation of bona fide receipts and replacements of parts. Except as permitted in this paragraph, the Guest shall not permit any repairs or additions to be made to the Vehicle and shall not, in any event, allow any lien to be placed upon it without Neff Brothers RV’s consent, and the Guest will pay any and all unauthorized charges in connection with any repairs.
  5. Breakdowns. In the event the Vehicle is inoperable because of mechanical breakdown for a period longer than 48 consecutive hours and the breakdown does not result from any breach of this Agreement on the part of the Guest, Neff Brothers RV shall allow the Guest a credit equal to the rental charge reasonably attributable to the period during which the Vehicle is inoperable. Neff Brothers RV shall not be liable for any other costs or damages suffered by the Guest as a result of mechanical breakdown. Radio, entertainment center, TV/DVD if applicable, back-up monitor, air conditioning, slide-out, cruise control, refrigerator, microwave and appliance malfunction are not regarded for the purposes of this clause as rendering the Vehicle inoperable and do not entitle the Guest to a credit against rental charges.  Special note on air conditioners:  A/C units will freeze up if operated under extremely high temperatures and are not subject to refunds if this occurs.
  6. Substitutions. The Vehicle may in Neff Brothers RV’s discretion, be an equivalent or higher-rated unit than the unit for Which a reservation is made by the Guest. Where there is a substitution or upgrading as referred to in the previous sentence, there will be no extra charge to the Guest, Where Neff Brothers RV substitutes a unit that rents at a lower rate than the unit that is reserved by the Guest, Neff Brothers RV’s only responsibility arising from such a substitution is to charge the Guest at the lower applicable rate and to make any refunds or adjustments that may be due in the Guest’s favor. Neff Brothers RV does not guarantee the availability of a particular type of unit that may be reserved by the Guest, and does not have liability to the Guest [except as specifically stated in this clause) arising from Bros RV substituting a unit of a different category in place of a unit that the Guest reserves.
  7. Accidents, Theft and Vandalism.The Guest shall immediately report any accident, theft or vandalism involving the Vehicle or its passengers to Neff Brothers RV and to the Police in the jurisdiction where the incident takes place and deliver to Neff Brothers RV or its insurer every process, pleading, notice or paper of any kind received by the guest or any driver of the Vehicle or its passengers relating to any claim, suit or proceeding in connection with any accident or event involving the Vehicle. Neither the Guest nor any driver of the Vehicle shall aid or abet the assertion of any claim, suit or proceeding and shall cooperate fully with Neff Brothers RV and its insurers investigating and defending the same. FAILURE TO REPORT ANY ACCIDENT WITHIN 24 HOURS WILL VOID ALL LIABILITY PROTECTION. GUESTS WHO HAVE BEEN INVOLVED IN ANY ACCIDENT AND DROP-OFF THE VEHICLE WITH NO WRITTEN ACCIDENT REPORT OR POLICE FILE NUMBER WILL VOID THEIR INSURANCE COVERAGE AND WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL DAMAGES.
  8. Use of Vehicle.To the extent permitted by law, any use of the motor home as prohibited below will (1) breach this agreement, (2) void any limitation of Guest’s responsibility for loss of or damage to the motor home, (3) make Guest fully responsible for actual damages, costs and attorney fees, loss of use, diminished value resulting from this breach, and (4) void any insurance protection provided under this agreement subject to applicable law. The Guest shall not permit the Vehicle to be operated or driven {a} by any person who is not the holder of a current driver’s license that authorizes the holder to drive the Vehicle in the jurisdiction where the vehicle is located from time to time; {b} for the transportation of person or property for hire, expressed or implied; {c} by any person who is under 25 years of age, or who has given Neff Brothers RV a false or fictitious name or age or address; {d} by a person other than the Guest or a person who is designated in this Agreement as an authorized driver; {e} in any competitive event; {f} to push any vehicle; {g} outside Canada or the continental United States; {h} in a Prohibited Travel Area; {i} by any person while under the influence of intoxicants or drugs or for the illegal transportation of intoxicants or drugs or other prohibited or restricted substance; {j} for any illegal purpose or commission of a crime; {k} who loads vehicle beyond its capacity; {l} who allows more passengers than the vehicle has been designed to carry; and {m} when use will cause damage to the motor home (i.e. warning light is on, flat tire, steam rising from engine, etc). These restrictions are cumulative and each of them apply to every use, operation or driving of the Vehicle.
  9. Prohibited Travel Areas. Unless Neff Brothers RV has given prior approval in writing, the Guest will be responsible for all damages if the vehicle is driven to an unauthorized area, These areas include non-public roads, travel to Mexico, within the area of Death Valley, California between May 31 and September 10, and Alaska. The areas referred to in the previous sentence are “Prohibited Travel Areas” The Guest shall pay such additional charges as may be levied by Neff Brothers RV from time to time in cases where the Vehicle is driven in a Prohibited Travel Area, and these charges may vary depending on whether Neff Brothers RV’s consent to drive in a Prohibited Travel Area is obtained. Whether or not Neff Brothers RV’s consent is obtained, the Guest shall also pay the cost of replacing parts (including, without limitation, tires) and repairing damage attributable to driving on unpaved or non-public reads, or to exposure of the Vehicle in freezing or excessive heat.
  10. Damage to Personal Autos.Neff Brothers RV will NOT be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your personal auto, if it is left on the premises of Neff Brothers RV during your rental period. You may choose to park in the outside lot or the fenced lot, but any damages that may occur to the vehicle at any time will be your sole responsibility.
  11. Pre-Rental Payments.The Guest shall pay to Neff Brothers RV at time of reservation $300.  All time and distance, service, minimum and other charges, at the rates shown or computed as provided on the reservation confirmation are due 30 days prior to departure date. If the Guest has directed charges be billed to another person and such person fails to make payment when due, the guest shall pay such charges.
  12. Post-Rental Payments.The Guest and any person to whom, with Neff Brothers RV’s consent, the guest expressly directs the charges incurred under this Agreement to be billed, are jointly and severally responsible for payment of all such charges. The Guest represents that the Guest is authorized to direct such charges to be billed to that person. Neff Brothers RV may charge the credit card, which was authorized for the security deposit, to cover any amount due or which may become due hereunder.  Charges not paid on time, as required by this Agreement, will be subject to a late payment fee. Charges not known to Neff Brothers RV at that time are payable by the Guest to whom they are to be billed immediately upon receipt of an invoice for such charges and the Guest hereby agrees that his credit card can and will be charged. The payment of charges by use of an acceptable credit card is governed by the terms of the agreement covering the use of such card. IF YOU USE A CREDIT CARD TO PAY FOR CHARGES, YOU AUTHORIZE Neff Brothers RV TO RESERVE CREDIT WITH THE CARD ISSUER IN AN EQUAL AMOUNT TO ALL ESTIMATED CHARGES AND TO PROCESS AN APPROPRIATE RECEIPT FOR THOSE CHARGES AT THE TIME OF RENTAL. Neff Brothers RV may audit all charges. If any errors are found, the Guest will pay the corrected charges. If payment was by credit card, the Guest authorizes Neff Brothers RV to correct such charges with the card issuer. Neff Brothers RV will notify the Guest of any correction. There will be a one-time $25 credit card processing fee charged at time of reservation if you are using Discover, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club or American Express at any point of sale during the rental process.
  13. Distance Charges and Generator Charges.The distance calculated in miles, which the Vehicle has been driven while it is in the Guest’s possession, shall be determined by reference to the vehicle‘s odometer. If the speedometer or odometer is broken, or shows signs of having been tampered with, the Guest shall pay for repair or replacement of the speedometer or odometer together with a rental charge per mile based on an average daily charge per mile calculated by reference to Neff Bros RV’s experience with similar rentals.  There is a fee for use of the generator. If the generator is used during your rental, you will be charged a fee of $15 times the number of rental nights to a maximum charge of $150 plus applicable taxes.  If hour meter is broken, or shows signs of having been tampered with, the Guest shall pay for repair or replacement of the hour meter together with a rental charge per night of $15.
  14. Traffic/Parking Tickets.The Guest is liable for all parking, traffic violations, fines and any/all administration fees associated with the occurrence, and authorizes Neff Brothers RV to charge the credit card on file for the amount of the violation and/or fine plus an appropriate administration fee as incurred by Neff Brothers RV to pay such fines on the Guests behalf.
  15. Accessories.The Guest acknowledges receipt of convenience packages (if applicable) as indicated and will pay the cost of replacing equipment lost or damaged prior to the return of the Vehicle to Neff Brothers RV.
  16. Return of Vehicle.The Guest will return the Vehicle to Neff Brothers RV at the agreed address and agreed time on the date shown on the first page of this Agreement, or earlier if demanded by Neff Brothers RV together with all tires, tools, accessories and equipment in the same condition as when received by the Guest; ordinary wear and tear accepted.
  17. Return in Clean Condition.The Guest shall return the Vehicle in a relatively clean condition, per discretion of Neff Brothers RV.  If RV is returned in unsatisfactory condition per Neff Brothers RV discretion, the unit will be cleaned/deodorized/ionized at an hourly rate of $85. A minimum cleaning charge of one hour will be billed to the renter.
  18. Smoking.Our Vehicles are smoke free. Detection of any smoke related odors or damage will result in additional charges. Please do not smoke in the vehicle and avoid camp fire smell by keeping all doors and windows closed when near campfires.  A $500 minimum fine will apply if smoke is detected at drop-off.
  19. Pets.Sorry, pets are not allowed unless it is a guide dog. A $500 minimum fine will apply, plus full detail cleaning charges will be applied if needed for any evidence of pets in the vehicles.
  20. Drop-off Charges.The Guest agrees to pay the applicable one-way charge, or the cost of returning the Vehicle to the rental station where it was rented, whichever is greater, should the Vehicle be returned to a location other than the location designated for drop off on the first page of the agreement.
  21. Late Return.In the event the Vehicle is returned at a time which is later than designated on the first page of this agreement, the Guest shall pay Neff Brothers RV an amount calculated by multiplying the number of late hours by $75.00 provided; however, that the said amount shall not exceed $600 for each 24 hour period, or portion thereof, of such late return.
  22. Credit Card Vouchers.The Guest shall give Neff Brothers RV permission to authorize, debit or refund the credit card account that is on file for any outstanding rental balances, security deposit, and any additional costs/fees related to the Guest’s rental.  Guest will receive an e-mailed receipt of all transactions.
  23. Return on Demand.Neff Brothers RV may demand the return of the Vehicle at any time and, if in Neff Brothers RV’s judgment such demand may not be complied with, or if there is any delay in compliance, Neff Brothers RV may forthwith repossess the Vehicle by use of any lawful means, without prior written warning to the Guest’s credit card company or bank.
  24. Fines. Without limitation under any other provision of the Agreement, the Guest shalt be solely for and shalt indemnity and hold Neff Brothers RV harmless from all fines, penalties and forfeitures arising from a breach by the Guest of any statute, law, ordinance, rule, regulation, or insurance policy provision that is applicable to the Vehicle or to the Guest’s possession, use, driving, parking, storage, or transportation of the Vehicle.
  25. Lawsuits. The Guest shall permit Neff Brothers RV or its insurers and their counsel to have the sole and exclusive conduct in the name and on behalf of the Guest, and the cost of Neff Brothers RV or its insurers, of the defense of all lawsuits and proceedings that may be instituted against the Guest arising out of the Guests use, possession, driving, parking, storage or transportation of the Vehicle, and any counterclaim that may be made by the Guest in any such lawsuits and proceedings. The right of Neff Brothers RV and its insurers to conduct the said lawsuits and proceedings shall include the sole and exclusive right to settle or abandon any such lawsuits or proceedings, and enter into binding agreement, or give good discharges, on behalf of the Guest for the purpose of entering into any settlement of, or abandoning, any such lawsuits or proceedings. The Guest shall cooperate fully with Neff Brothers RV and its insurers in taking all steps and in providing and obtaining all information and evidence that may be deemed necessary or desirable by Neff Brothers RV or its insurers for the purpose of the said lawsuits or proceedings and the conduct, settlement or abandonment thereof. The Guest hereby irrevocably appoints Neff Brothers RV, or its said insurers, to be the true and lawful attorneys of the Guest to execute all documents and do or omit to do ail such acts and things as the said attorneys may consider to be necessary or desirable in the circumstances in order to give effect to the rights conferred by this clause on Neff Brothers RV and its said insurers, and the power of attorney hereby conferred is deemed to be copied with an interest.
  26. Indemnity.The Guest shall defend, indemnify and hold Neff Brothers RV harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, claims, demands, cost and expenses, arising out of or connected with the possession or use of the Vehicle while the Vehicle is in the Guest’s possession, including but not limited to any and all claims or liabilities arising out of the abandonment, conversion, concealment or unauthorized sale of the Vehicle by the Guest or the Guest’s drivers, agents or employee, or confiscation or seizure of the Vehicle by reason of any Illegal or improper use of the Vehicle
  27. Repossession. If this agreement contains any false statement provided by the Guest, or if the Guest omits to make known to Neff Brothers RV any information concerning the Guest or the Guest’s intentions regarding the Vehicle that the Guest may reasonably be taken to know is material to Neff Brothers RV when Neff Brothers RV is considering renting the Vehicle to the Guest, or if the Guest is in breach of any provision of this Agreement, Neff Brothers RV may forthwith repossess the Vehicle by use of any lawful means, without prior warning to the Guest and terminate this Agreement.
  28. Early Returns & Unused Miles. Charges levied under this Agreement are not subject to reduction and the Guest is not entitled to a credit when the Vehicle is returned earlier than the drop off date specified on the rental agreement. There will be no refund on any portion of unused, prepaid miles, or miles that were included.
  29. No Agency.Neither the Guest nor any other driver of the Vehicle shall be, or represent themselves to be, the agent, servant or employee of Neff Brothers RV for any reason or for any purpose.
  30. Governing Law.This Agreement is governed by the law in force in the State of Ohio and the Guest and Neff Brothers RV irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the said State.
  31. Severability.If any provision (the “invalid Provision”) of this Agreement is void or enforceable under the law applicable in any jurisdiction, the Invalid Provision shall be deemed to be severable from the remaining provision of this agreement, which shall constitute a valid and binding agreement in that jurisdiction after deletion of the invalid Provision. The existence of an invalid Provision under the laws applicable in a jurisdiction does not affect the validity and enforceability of all the provisions of this Agreement (including the Invalid Provision) in any other jurisdiction where the Invalid Provision is not void or unenforceable.
  32. Multiple Units.Where the Vehicle comprises units that are designed so that they may be physically separated in normal use (towing behind motor home), Neff Brothers RV is not responsible for any damage to the towed unit.
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