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Trailer Safety Rules

In order to have a safe and incident free trip, please read the following recommendations:

1. Do not travel inside the Vehicle at any time.

2. Shut off furnace, water heater, refrigerator and stove, as well as any other open flame object, while refueling your personal vehicle with fuel or the trailer with propane.

3. Secure any loose object prior to movement of the Vehicle.

4. Always use a lookout when backing Vehicle.

5. Be aware of the total height of the Vehicle, including roof-mounted accessories, and verify clearance of any low object before attempting to pass beneath 11’6”.

6. Lock all door locks before Vehicle goes into motion.

7. Exhaust ports for furnace and water heater are extremely hot when in use. Contact with these ports will cause burn injury.

8. Emergency window exits are not to be opened except for emergency. Danger of falling from Vehicle exists with emergency exit open. Observe and warn children of danger.

9. Roof tops are dangerous at all times and should not be acessed.

10. Never attempt to change Vehicle tires. Always contact a professional tire facility qualified for this operation.

11. Open stair wells and other objects are potential hazards during darkness. Be aware of their location and use minimal lighting if available.

12. Awning operation can cause finger and hand injury. Know the operation of your awning before attempting use. Do not leave awning unattended if it is down. Wind gusts of any magnitude may cause damage.

13. Discontinue travel during high-wind conditions.

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