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1. When towing any Vehicle with electric brakes, you must have a brake controller installed on your personal vehicle that is doing the towing. There are no exceptions. You will not be permitted to leave facility with the Vehicle without a brake controller.

2. Brake controller may be installed by our Service Department, but a minimum of seven-day notice must be given to set up an appointment – no exceptions.

3. Pricing for brake controller installation will vary pending your personal vehicle type, wiring needed and type of brake controller purchased.

4. You must also use appropriate hitch for towing and equalizer bars. You may rent these from us for $75 flat, plus sales tax.

5. You must have your personal vehicle height at appropriate ball height (21”) for rented Vehicle, prior to pick-up. If we have to take additional time for setting ball height, there will be an additional charge of $40 minimum for labor costs.

6. You must be able to hook up and unhook the rented Vehicle to your personal vehicle at departure. One of our staff members will show you the procedure for doing this, but you must be able to do it on your own. We will not be held responsible for any personal injury done to anyone or any physical damage done to Vehicle or other property when you are hooking up or unhooking Vehicle at any time.

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Everyone was very knowledgeable and the service was excellent.

Wabie Sahady
Cleveland, OH

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