2016 Archive

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    Eagon Family of Canton, OH

    Tennessee Vacation June 2016

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    Karlen Baby of Berlin Center, OH

    Lorain County Fair August 2016

    2016 Photo Contest Winner!!!

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    Reichman Clan of Perry, OH

    MIS NASCAR Race August 2016

    15th Consecutive Year Renting

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    Jones Family of Hudson, OH

    Yellowstone Vacation June 2016

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    Pittock Family of Grove City, OH

    Mt. Rushmore SD Vacation May 2016


2015 Archive

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    Adkins Family of Eastlake, OH

    West Virginia Vacation July 2015

    2015 Photo Contest Winner!!!

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    Alnajiee Family of Bowling Green, OH

    Pennsylvania Vacation June 2015

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    Armstrong-Nelson Spouses of Harpster, ID

    Lake Erie Lighthouse Tour Sept 2015

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    Graham Party of Lakewood, OH

    Ohio State Tailgating Nov 2015

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    McGowan Family of St. Mary’s, PA

    Yellowstone National Park, July 2015

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    Reichman Party of Perry, OH

    NASCAR Trip Aug 2015

2014 Archive

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    Reichman Party of Perry, OH

    NASCAR Trip Aug 2014

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    Matejka Party of North Ridgeville, OH

    On-Line Auction Winner Fall 2014

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    Minor Party of Willoughby, OH

    Penn State Tailgating Nov 2014

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    Jake Neff of Avon Lake, OH

    Alum State Park June 2014

    2014 Photo Contest Winner!!!

2013 Archive

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    Carris Party of Uniontown, OH

    Bachelor Party West Virginia June 2013

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    Husar Family of Lorain, OH

    Another proud family in Paris Island, SC Sept 2013

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    Ketvetis Party of Olmsted Falls, OH Sept 2013

    Tailgating at Purdue

    2013 Photo Contest Winner!!!

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    Kresevich Family of Lakewood, OH July 2013

    South Carolina

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    Berry Family of Bellmore, NY

    Summer 2013

    Lenghthest Rental of 2013- West Coast

2012 Archive

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    The Collins Family of Avon, OH

    Proudly visiting their Marine in South Carolina,

    Nov 2012

    2012 Photo Contest Winner!!!

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    The Booker Family of Put-In-Bay, OH

    Christmas Out West, Dec 2012

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    Reichman Party of Perry, OH

    Another NASCAR Trip Aug 2012

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    Underwood Family of Avon Lake, OH

    Fishing Trip Southern Ohio Oct 2012

Old Archive

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    The Kuncel Party of Vermilion, OH

    Riding the Ferry over Lake Champlain Aug 2011

    2011 Photo Contest Winner!!!

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    The Feduska Family of Redlands, CA

    Reunion in Conneaut, OH June 2010

    2010 Photo Contest Winner!!!

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    Funk Family of Columbia Station, OH

    Mount Rushmore July 2010

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    Halapy Party of Copley, OH

    Bonnaroo Festival

    – Manchester, TN June 2010

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    Honsaker Family of Aurora, OH

    Arizona June-July 2010

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    Mellinger Family of Silver Lake, OH

    Wyoming July 2010

  • img01

    Shaquille O’Neal NBA

    Basketball Legend Akron,OH

    March 2010

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    The Reichman Clan of Perry, OH

    Bristol NASCAR Race August 2011

    All-Time Longest NBRV Rental Customers!

  • img01

    The Good Brothers of Lorain, OH

    West Coast Trip June 2011

    All-Time Longest Distance Rental Customers!

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