Planning A Road Trip

Planning A Road Trip

Waiting until the last minute to plan your family vacation leaves your options limited. Planning your RV road trip a year or more in advance will give you more rental options and allow you to have a better vacation planned for your family.

The first step to planning an RV road trip is determining where and when you want to go.

Where do I want to go on vacation?

Here are a few vacation ideas to get you started.

Explore Michigan

Plan a roadtrip to Chicago

Vacation the great smoky mountains

Take an RV to Niagra Falls

Lake Erie Circle Tour

Visit Amis Country

When do I want to go on vacation?

Rates and available RV rental units vary a great deal and therefore finding the best rate depends on the dates that you choose for your RV rental. Keep in mind when making your RV reservation that there is a higher demand for RV rentals in the summer months.

Renting an RV is much like reserving a flight or hotel.Pricing is affected by the number of RV rentals still available for your travel dates at the time of your reservation.The farther in advance that you make RV reservations, the better the rate.

After you have picked a place and time, you will need to figure out how many people that you will need to accommodate and rent an RV that meets your needs.

3. How many people do I need to accommodate?

4. Rent an RV 

For more information on renting an RV for your vacation or to request an RV quote, Contact Neff Bros RV, Rentals, Sales, Service, & Parts.

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