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RVs require a small amount of training to drive and operate safely, so we ask that you watch this 12-minute RV Tutorial video online before arriving to pick up your RV. You will be asked to sign a form confirming you have watched the RV Tutorial video before leaving with your RV. If you are not able to watch the RV Tutorial video on the Internet, you may arrive early to pick up your RV and watch the video at our facility.

At the time of pick up, we will also take you around and inside the RV to answer any questions you may have.

An RV Renter’s Manual will also be given to you at the time of pick up that contains detailed information about operating an RV, as well as the RV Tutorial video on DVD. A $200 charge will be applied if the binder and/or DVD are not returned with the RV.

Thank you and we look forward to sending you off in a Neff Brothers RV!

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